David Paterson bows out of 2010 Election

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Just a few weeks ago, New York governor, David Paterson, was excited about his upcoming election bid. He was quick to remind doubters that it is a long time until November. But, with the Democratic Party in shambles, they cannot stand another major loss in a reliable state. At one point, Paterson boasted that President Obama would campaign for him.

Throughout the history of New York, there has never been a governor that has been hated like Governor Paterson. He was praised when he entered office, mainly because he was the first black governor and the first blind governor in the state. He took over the office when Eliot Spitzer was caught up in controversy in 2008. As previously mentioned, Paterson has had record low approval ratings in his two years as governor.

Last fall, David Paterson was urged by the White House to back out of the race, but he refused. However, as more and more Democrats have turned against him, Paterson has decided to listen to reason. He will not be running for election in November, but he will finish the remaining eleven months in office.

Not only is the state and national Democratic Party against him, but Paterson is wrapped up in a trial. He has been accused by a woman from the area for domestic abuse. With all of this on his shoulders, David Paterson has decided to cut his losses and leave with grace. Some of his rivals suggest that the charges may force him to resign from office, as opposed to waiting until his term expires next year.

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Tavis Smiley is jealous of President Obama

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Just because Barack Obama ran as the candidate of change does not mean that everyone supported him. He was able to sweep the nation, but he still lost most of the Deep South. Also, a lot of his supporters only supported him for the profit. Because the black community jumped on the Obama bandwagon, the “leaders” of the black community jumped on the Obama bandwagon. This includes Tavis Smiley, who has taken on President Obama at every turn.

In many ways, Tavis Smiley is worse that the Republicans who try to give the president a hard time. Perhaps he fails to realize that Barack Obama is the President of the United States. It is not the job of Obama to solely help out the black community. Smiley loves to talk about the black community moving on. If he truly means this, he would step aside. Now that there is a black president, technically, there is no need for him anymore.

Frequently, Tavis Smiley criticizes President Obama for not doing enough for the black community. If he were to do his research on the president, he would realize that Obama ran as a candidate for the lower middle class. Who, if not the black community, is the lower middle class? Throughout this Health Care Reform battle, Mr. Smiley has kept his mouth shut, but he cares so much about black America. The bill would directly benefit black America.

The emergence of Barack Obama, who is actually part Kenyan and part white, as another black person that is more important than him is eating him up. Now that it has been a year of the Obama administration, Tavis Smiley says that it is time for him to take responsibility. It is quite odd how there were 43 presidents before Barack Obama that were never held accountable. A lot of the blame falls to George W. Bush for all of this mess, but it was created long before him.

It just so happened that Bush was the president that messed with everything. With the American system held together by spit, anyways, his poking led to everything falling apart. There would have been another good ten years had he left things alone, but he did not. People praise the likes of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, but they did little to fix the situation. A strong possibility existed that the bottom could have fallen out on Reagan, Bush I, or Clinton.

Out of all of the presidents to stroll through Washington, D.C., Tavis Smiley chooses to hold the black one accountable for a mess that has been building for centuries. The sad part about it is that he is the only president to man up and try to fix all of the problems facing America in only a single, four year term. Bill Clinton had things rolling during his eight years in office, but he only tried once to change anything. He was blocked and he only improved things for the short term.

With his attitude, Tavis Smiley might as well endorse Sarah Palin when she runs for president in 2012.

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Kwame Kilpatrick may be brought up on Felony Charges

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When Kwame Kilpatrick first became the mayor of Detroit in 2001, he was making history. At the age of 31, he was the youngest mayor in the history of the city. But, the next few years would prove to be not as happy as his early years. Kilpatrick would suffer towards the end of his second term as mayor.

Like many politicians across the nation, Kwame Kilpatrick took bribes. The only difference between Kilpatrick and the other politicians is that he was caught. He would take cash bribes from business owners across the city in exchange for political support on key issues. In 2002, it was said that he made $100,000 off of bribes.

Not only did his receivement of bribes lead to him losing his job as mayor, but now he may be brought up on felony charges by the FBI. There is just too much information on Kilpatrick and his wrongdoings. Most politicians that get caught are left alone after they are forced out of their seat. Kwame Kilpatrick will become one of the few to actually be brought up on charges.

It is not official, but it is possible that there may be a FBI investigation on the way for the former mayor.

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Illinois Lieutenant Governor race denies Black Candidate entry

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Illinois has been known as one of the most diverse states, politically, in history. The state is home to Jesse Jackson, who almost won the Democratic Presidential Nomination in 1988. For the past few years, the most popular politician has been Jesse Jackson, Jr. This is not even mentioning the support that they had for the native of Hawaii, Barack Obama.

Most of the people that represent Illinois in the Congress are black. When Barack Obama stepped down from the Senate to assume office as President of the United States, Roland Burris, a black man, was appointed as his replacement. Now that he has announced that he will not run for a second term, Cheryle Jackson, a black woman, has announced her own bid for the seat.

With all of that information about Illinois and black politicians, the title of this article seems preposterous, but it is true. Even though all of these black people are holding office in Illinois, there are more that want to run, including Art Turner (pictured above). He has represented the Ninth Congressional District of Illinois since 1981. By far, Congressman Turner is one of the longest-tenured politicians in the state and the nation. Now, he wants to bid for lieutenant governor, but the Democratic Party is against him.

It is said that the Illinois State Democratic Party feels that there are too many black politicians that will be running in the 2010 election. Because of this, they are prepared to block a run by Art Turner for the role of lieutenant governor. Despite everyone against him running, Turner is very popular and is confident that he will win, even without the support of the state party. With everything going on and the advancements made by black people, why would a state, especially Illinois, try to reverse the race card.

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President Obama is let down by Congress again

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When he campaigned for president, people across the nation came behind the message of change. Barack Obama was the man with the plan, but three years after the campaign, things have only improved slightly. There is more that could have been done and the blame can be spread across Washington, D.C. But, the bottom line is, things are still rough, recession or not.

Barack Obama entered the White House with high approval ratings. One year later, his ratings were high, but not where they were before. When he first entered the White House, President Obama did not forsee the things that both parties in Congress would put him through. With America facing its worst economy since The Great Depression, the American people needed money. He devised a bailout plan that was rejected by Congress.

The Democratic members of Congress were all for having a bill passed to relieve the ailing working class of America. But, there were some Democrats that held office in Southern states. Dating back to the Civil War, the South has always been conservative, so they were against any relief effort. The only problem was that people all over the nation needed their problems fixed and the easiest way to do so was to give them money.

The Republican members of Congress feared any additional funds added to the federal deficit, which was already at record highs. If any money is going to be given away, they would rather give it to the big business owners of Wall Street. The idea is that the money will be used to create new jobs and to expand the companies. That would lead to a boost in the economy, but with no regulation, the money is split between the owners and the executives.

Throughout 2009, President Obama was blocked at every turn. It was not until Christmas that there was any sign of Health Care Reform being passed. At the time, the Democrats held a supermajority in Congress. But, after years of being the minority party, they do not want to go against the people in their home states. Had they went ahead and passed the first revision of the bill, the people in their home states would have been happy, but they failed to do so.

What has become clear is that President Obama is receiving no type of credit because he is black. John Edwards, a Democrat, said that he could not lose to a woman or a black man. However, he could have accepted losing to Hillary Clinton easier than he could have accepted losing to Barack Obama. The joke ended up being on him because he lost to both of them. But, even the “first” black president, Bill Clinton, had a problem with losing to Barack Obama because of his race.

The media hates Democrats, but they also hate successful black people. Combine the two and they are going to give someone a fit. Barack Obama happened to slip through and become the first black president and the media has given him a fit ever since. They, much like the rest of the nation, was afraid of electing another Republican after Bush, but they did not want Obama. Not only did Obama have trouble getting votes from his own party, but now longtime Democrats are leaving their seats in the Senate.

Evan Bayh, a popular Democrat in the Republican stronghold of Indiana, recently revealed that he would not seek re-election this year. In a state like Indiana, the Democrats needed him to run to keep that seat. There have been tough times before and he stayed, but now he has decided to quit. When it was clear that Barack Obama had won the nomination, many people had hoped that he would select Bayh as his running mate, including Bayh.

As previously mentioned, Evan Bayh represented a conservative state, so he really had to watch what he voted for in Congress. He is only one of many popular Democrats that decided to quit now that their war is winnable. With the Bush administration running wild, they stayed in Congress, powerless. They wanted a Democratic president, they finally found one that could win both Florida and Ohio and they decide to quit on him. With the supermajority gone, the Democrats still have power, but they choose to give it back.

If the Republicans do win major seats this November, they deserve them because the Democrats have given up because they refuse to answer to a self-proclaimed black man.

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President Obama takes credit for Saving Economy

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There was not much that went according to Barack Obama’s plan during his first year as president. Because his promises were delayed by Congress’ constant bickering, the people turned against the president. They seem to forget just how bad things were when he entered office.

America was facing the worst economy since The Great Depression. The first act from Barack Obama as president was the second Stimulus Package. He had planned to give the American people money to pump back into the economy. But, the move was blocked by Congress and the corporations were bailed out.

While it was not exactly what he had planned, the corporate bailout, that President Obama approved, led to the economy stabalizing. There were predictions that The Great Recession would end by 2011, but things went better than planned with the recession lifting before the end of 2009. Even though the economy has stabalized, detractors of the president are pointing to every possible solution instead of giving him credit.

Now, for the first time in his presidency, President Obama has taken credit. The Health Care Reform bill did not get passed in 2009, but the economy rebounded. Also, early in the second year of his presidency, Barack Obama has shifted his focus to creating more jobs for Americans. Things appear to be on the upswing for the first time in a long time. People who do not like or support President Obama want to credit every solution under the sun. The truth is, every little bit helped, but Obama takes credit for this one.

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Jesse Jackson, Jr. prepares for General Election

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Ever since 1995, Jesse Jackson, Jr. has represented Illinois’ Second Congressional District. In his fifteen years holding the office, he has had no trouble winning the nomination, or the seat. From time-to-time, someone does challenge him for his seat, though. This year, he faced a challenger for the Democratic, nomination, which he defeated, and he faces a Republican challenger.

Rev. Isaac Hayes began his campaign in June 2009 to become the Republican challenger for Jackson. He is always in the community and he has personal relationships with people who usually vote for Jackson. Hayes feels that Jesse Jackson, Jr. spends too much time with his Washington buddies and not enough time back in Chicago, where he needs to be.

Unlike in previous elections, Jesse Jackson, Jr. is facing Republican competition that could possibly defeat him. With Hayes as his opponent in the upcoming general election, it could be a close race. But, one thing that Jackson has that Hayes does not is experience. However, with Democrats losing seats, left and right, it will be hard for Jackson to end this current funk within his party.

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Statue of President Obama in Indonesia has been Removed

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Before living with his grandparents in Kansas, Barack Obama lived in Indonesia. When he was elected as president, people from the nation were just as excited as those who supported him in America. For a great deal of his childhood, Obama resided in Indonesia. He spent quite a few of his elementary school years in the nation.

Indeed, President Obama is a native son of Indonesia. Despite his roots in the nation, they have turned on the president, much like the Americans. When he was elected as president, a statue of Barack Obama was created to honor him for his accomplishment.

But, the fact remains that Obama is the President of the United States and not the President of Indonesia, which means that his job is to look out for America. Sometimes what is best for America is not best for Indonesia. His childhood ties to the nation cannot stop him from doing his job and Obama may endorse some policies that could negatively affect Indonesia.

As a way to protect themselves from having President Obama betray them, so to speak, the Indonesians have removed his statue from a park in the Capitol City to a elementary school that Obama attended during his younger years.

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Henry Louis Gates, Jr. makes the Best out of a Bad Situation

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Henry Louis Gates, Jr., better known as “Skip,” made national news last summer. He serves as a professor at Harvard University and he is also the editor-in-chief of The Root. The man was arrested while trying to enter his home last summer.

Because he was trying to enter his home, he resisted arrest. The situation ended up making national news. It caused such a media stir that President Obama commented on the situation. Once everything was out and in the open, Obama invited Gates and the officer who arrested him to the White House for beers.

Even though the situation was bad, Gates ended up keeping the handcuffs that the officer used to arrest him. Gates wanted to keep them for the memory. While it was something that he will never forget, but something he would like to, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. also realizes that the situation has made him a part of history.

This has led Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to donate the handcuffs that were used in his own arrest to the Smithsonian. Recently, the museum opened a new department, National Museum of African American History. Gates will be donating his handcuffs to this new sub-museum. Now, his horrible experience will be embedded in history forever.

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Artur Davis wins Alabama? Is Alabama a Blue State?

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History is on the line with Artur Davis as he attempts to become the governor of Alabama. Only forty years ago, what he is trying to accomplish would seem absured. At the time, Alabama was a staunch Democratic state. The Democrats of the old days were very conservative and racist.

Now, some fifty years since the party was dominated by George C. Wallace, things have changed. They have changed so drastically until there is a black Democrat and he is one of the most popular politicians from Alabama. He plans to place his popularity on the line to become the state’s first black governor.

Ever since the 1980 Presidential Election, it is almost promised that Alabama was going to go to the Republican nominee. By 2000, the Republican stranglehold on Alabama had increased drastically. Despite this, three years later, Artur Davis, a black Democrat, was elected to Congress, representing the Seventh Congressional District of the state.

For now thirty years, the Democrats have struggled to win at any level in the state of Alabama. The only Democrat to have any success has been Artur Davis. Last summer, he began campaigning for the upcoming gubernatorial race. Almost one year later, he is the overall front-runner. As it stands, Davis has five months until the primary election and he is miles ahead of his rival, Ron Sparks.

Even amongst Republicans, Artur Davis is very popular. During the health care battle, he impressed many conservatives in the state when he voted against President Obama. His approval rating skyrocketed after his vote was cast as ‘no.’ While he went against Obama, once, when push comes to shove, his vote will be for Obama in 2012. But, by then, he may be the Governor of Alabama.

If that is indeed the case, could the election of, and then the success of, Governor Artur Davis lead to the 2012 election seeing Democrats take more Senate and Congressional seats in Alabama. Also, most importantly, could the incumbent, President Obama, end up picking up a very, very conservative state in 2012?

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